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After years of looking around and seeing artist that hold so much talent and watching them go from gallery to gallery and shop to shop trying to sell their artwork, and being told that this was not to taste or they are not interested, we decided it was time to make a change, a point of different, to bring a community together.
I am an artist with the sole purpose of creating art to make others feel good, to fill someone’s wall with positive energy. Art is my passion, I live, sleep, and breath it. However, to sell a painting for what it is truly worth became a nightmare, people only wanted to buy the ‘brand’ names which, don’t get me wrong, I 100% understand but everyone has to start somewhere. When you pick a carpet or tiles for your home you do not pick it because it has a brand attached to it, you pick what you like. This website was created to give people the opportunity to pick and buy something they love and not just because it has a brand name to it.
Some of the artists on this site know the feeling of struggle, like many we are all trying to make a living so think of this artwork like the small business of your community. We are just as good as any brand name and we are cheaper and more efficient in what we do.
We work hard to ensure you can have the most magnificent artwork on your wall at home or in your business. My artwork started to sell thanks to similar websites and the help of a digital marketing agency englanderdavis.com so now I want to give back to all the artists out there that have not yet established a brand, we welcome you to showcase your artwork to our brilliant audience of buyers and let them see how truly amazing you are.
Buyers, please remember that you may not think you are buying a massive brand but one day an artwork from this very website may well be the next Picasso.

We established this website to showcase mine and my fellow artists works of art and to allow the art fans to get a bargain before we become MASSIVE.

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